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Audiobook News & Reviews: 1/16-1/18

Gathered while listening to Advise and Consent, by Allen Drury, narrated by Allan Robertson. Did you know that Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr almost appeared in the movie based on this Pulitzer winner?

Audiobook News & Reviews: 1/14-1/15

Today's audiobook news & reviews gathered while listening to Alan Rickman narrate The Return of the Native, by Thomas Hardy.

Audiobook News & Reviews: 1/13

Learn about Portable Stories on a new online storytelling platform. News and Reviews News

Audiobook News & Reviews: 12/31-1/12

Libraries lent a record number of audiobooks and ebooks last year. This and audiobook reviews below.

Best Audiobooks of 2015

At ListenUp Audiobooks, we publish, produce, and distribute audiobooks. For the ones we publish, we are involved in every step of the process - we select the narrator, we record the story, listen to the whole thing while reading along to find any mistakes, fix ...