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Audiobook News & Reviews: 03/27/15

Happy Friday! Today's news & reviews features a recap of the Virginia Book Festival, lot's of updates on audiobook challenges, and, of course, reviews!

Audiobook News & Reviews 03/26/15

A Game of Thrones star records an audioook and two days worth of audiobook reviews in today's news & reviews!

Audiobook News & Reviews: 03/24/15

Audiobook giveaways, new releases, and today's reviews!

Audiobook News & Reviews: 03/23/15

Want to know how authors get their books turned into audiobooks? We've got the scoop, plus the weekend's audiobook reviews!

Audiobook News & Reviews: 03/19/15

Major news in the technical/business side of the audiobook world today! Plus, we have narrator interviews and audiobook reviews.