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Click here to read the most recent volume, out October 21. This volume's stories include a spotlight on Rick Hall - the Man From Muscle Shoals, Young Adult Post-Apocalyptic novels, & True Crime shockers!


Rockin' with Rick Hall

The audiobook world is popping with excitement this fall! New books, new formats, and new audio experiences are launching every week. Here at ListenUp we've had the pleasure of working with Muscle Shoals music legend Rick Hall on his memoir, evoking those intense, creative years of the '60s and '70s in the music scene for those of us who were there, and those who wish they could have been. Click to learn more about The Man from Muscle Shoals, and keep on reading here to find captivating listens for fall.


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Click Here to read Volume 1, out September 2nd. 
Stories in this issue include
Audiobooks for the Road: Long-Haul Listens for that Lonesome Highway
Audio News
Mockingbird, Harper Lee, and Southern Literature: Following the Audio Thread