Audiobooks have steadily gained popularity in recent years, in part because more and more consumers carry smartphones and other Internet-connected devices.

Turning your book into an audiobook can expand the reach of your story to audiences you might not otherwise access. Many book lovers prefer to read with their ears and meeting your consumers’ preferences opens up new markets for your books.

At ListenUp Audiobooks, we can meet all of your audio needs. We offer narration, talent, directing, engineering, producing, editing, and mastering from our state-of-the-art digital studio in Atlanta, Georgia. ListenUp can provide full production audiobook services, studios available for rent by the hour, a vast pool of professional voice-over actors, and technical and creative directors to help your story come alive.

We work in a low-noise environment facilitated by our high-isolation vocal booths, complete with floating floors. We record with the most trusted equipment in audio, using products from Apple, Avid, Neumann, and Neve. ListenUp is also home to two audio post studios, including a full post facility with a live room.

With ListenUp, your professionally produced audiobook will exceed the accepted standards  of the audiobook industry.

ListenUp Audiobooks offers several options for creating an audiobook out of your work. One option is for us to acquire the audio publishing rights for your book and produce the audiobook. We also offer rights sharing and other packages, which we would be glad to discuss with you. Just contact us at